DJ Music

 If you need Wichita DJ services, we can take care of the music for your wedding ceremony and reception or other event. My music library contains well over 10,000 digital songs, with thousands more available for download. Having vast experience and knowledge of many styles, genres, and eras of music makes At Your Request the best choice no matter the celebration and therefore, my understanding of music will likely result in more dancing through the event. I will use your playlists at the event and take guest requests if desired! Note that all songs will be edited versions, and appropriate for the audience unless otherwise requested.

For most events a pair of powerful speakers on stands are sufficient. A large subwoofer can be added at larger or outdoor venues or when more volume is needed. Additionally, wireless UHF handheld and lavalier (clip-on) microphones are used to amplify speech with the highest quality.  A microphone stand is available. 

Music (with emceeing) form the basic wedding DJ services package. You can add any of the lighting and options displayed below to create your amazing event! If you are ready, fill out the contact form and be ready for a memorable celebration!


An emcee is an integral part of most events and is important when wedding DJ services are needed.  Understanding what to say, when to say it, and how to say it can make a big difference. Knowing when NOT to talk is also important in keeping the audience engaged. I understand how to be interactive without being obnoxious, while speaking clearly and professionally to communicate effectively with your guests or audience.

Check out my YouTube Channel for video testimonials from happy couples at their weddings!

DJ Lighting

Disco Lights


dancing people

The most common option to add to add are disco lights. A pair of stands elevate a variety of light effects including a mirror ball and flashing and rotating lights. I control these throughout the dance creating a festive and upbeat vibe to the event! 

Uplighting adds color and light to the venue. These LED lights shine a column or wash of colored light complementing colors for the event and are static throughout the event. These lights can also be placed under a covered table to create a glow of color from below.


spotlight dance

Make a dramatic impression during your introduction,  first dance, or to honor anyone with a follow spotlight highlighting important events or people!

Other options and services

Cold-spark Sparkler

To create a “WOW” factor at your event, look no further. These sparklers generate safe, cool-to-touch sparks and can be adjusted to different heights, indoor and outdoors. Bride/groom entrance or send-off, or a memorable grand finale are a few ways to use this option.




A rainbow or custom colored shot of slow-falling confetti launched into the venue to shower the area with fun and color!

Custom Gobo

lighted names

Create the ultimate in highlighting names/graphics in light on the wall or floor with a number of design and color options available to create a unique vibe at your event.